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GORILLA GRIPPING “Gorilla Gripping” EP


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13zł / 3,5 euro / $4,50
(Build Me A Bomb+Escal Vigor+Stick Pin+…) A French import EP and debut record from this French HC/punk band. Former member/s of Lost Boys play in this band and this is more pissed sounding than the Lost Boys are who play in a more Adolescents/MIA sort of way. GG is a lot like modern punk bands like Acid Reflux or maybe Formaldehyde Junkies as in they can be hardcore but also lay down catchy punk riffs on the dime. The band is also a bit more talented and also wears some of their 80’s heroes influences on their sleeves well and Minor Threat, Antidote, early AF and Jerry’s Kids are sort of noticeable here but that’s because those are such easy generic influence choices to pick from.