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GUTTER „Gutter“ LP


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GUTTER „Gutter“ 11,00 EUR / 45zł
(Build Me A Bomb+Destructure+No Glory) GUTTER is a quite new band from the very prolific city of Lille, northen France. There is a lot of great bands coming from there since a couple of years. GUTTER released a cool demo last year and we were very enthousiastic when we heard these new songs. This first vinyl effort is a 7 songs 12″ of distorded and bitter hardcore with a sour 80’s aftertaste. GUTTER develops a very personal kind of anger and despair. The quartet has been compared to the recent wave of UKHC bands or to Boston bands but for us it’s just a great fucking hardcore band done with sincerity. This 12″ is a corelease with destructure, Build me a Bomb and No Glory records.