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HASSLE BASTARDS “Hassle Bastards” EP


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HASSLE BASTARDS “Hassle Bastards” 7,00 EUR / 28zł
(Demo Tapes) Happy 50th Birthday Sik-O-War. Kings of UK Thrash Hassle Bastards were basically Chumbawamba in wind up mode and they sent this four track demo to Ben Sik-O-War from Raising Hell fanzine as he loved thrash. There was only ever one copy made. It’s under two minutes on a one sided 7″ of short, sharp and raging early 80’s thrash that harks back to the glory days of early 80’s European hardcore. Do you remember the thrash band The Ex and Chumbawamba did together called Antidote. They released one demo One Does Not Sell The Earth Upon Which The People Walk and one 7″ Destroy Fascism! – well this is like that but harder, faster and funnier.