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HAZARD PROFILE „Slime“ 7,00 EUR / 30zł
(Sanctus Propaganda+Urinal Vinyl+Sick World+…) Welcome to another UK punk band that covid gave to the world. And this time buckle up coz this is a ride back to what UK punk was at its best in the 80s PLUS a big shout out to its newer incarnations. With personnel who are members/ex-members of CHAOS UK, THE DOMESTICS, FUK, PI$$ER, THE WANKYS, TOKYO LUNGS, FERAL STATE, KÖRD VÄRLD, KITTIE SHITTER, UNICORN FART SUGAR, BRING THE DRONES and more, it should already be apparent that Hazard Profile debut is going to be a blast! By unconsciously mixing the sounds of classic UK hardcore with a touch of power-violence (think COKE BUST, EXTORTION) and even a splash of ’77 punk rock, this is an unusual beast to say the least, but it rocks like an absolute bastard!