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HEATSEEKER “Illusion of will” 7”EP PRE-ORDER  (black) 


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HEATSEEKER “Illusion of will” 7”EP PRE-ORDER  (black)  8.00 EUR / 35zł


It’s been five years since HEATSEEKER’s last release ‘Infected society’ 12″ and anyone who thought the band was biting the ground was wrong. A big mistake. Suspended by personnel castling and general world turmoil, they have been quietly preparing material that mows down. New drummer Mike of LIFE SCARS and SOCIAL CRISIS and also Up The Punx Records joined the band and now they’re pulling out a punch that not only makes HS the top tier of homegrown HC, but in the European league they shouldn’t have any complexes either. This may be their best release to date. They say the vinyl records “Heatseeker is fucking pissed off more than ever”.

It was recorded by Michal Scibior at Multitrack Studio and mastered and mixed by Will Killingsworth / Dead Air Sudios. It sounds great. Without a shadow of an exaggeration – classy.