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HHH „Solidhardcore“ 12″ (blue)


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HHH „Solidhardcore“ 16.00 EUR / 72zł (blue)
(Discos Enfermos) HARINA DE HUESOS HUMANOS (short H.H.H.) was a spanish Hardcore, Punk band from Bañolas, formed in april 1984. Most of the older folks might know them from their legendary “Intelectual Punks” 7″ (1986), the “A Por Ellos … Que Son Muchos Y Estan Super Cachas !! LP (1990) or their split LP with VITU´S DANCE (1992), H.H.H. played fast paced and aggressive Hardcore, Punk in the vein of R.I.P., SUBTERRANEAN KIDS, GRB, L´ODI SOCIAL, … . “Solidhardcore” is their rare (first) demo tape from 1985 (even released before the “Sin Indentidad” demo), only available in the tape trader community and re-released in very low quantities (under 100 copies). The song material was taken from old, original demo tapes, so don´t expect polished and clean studio sound, this is an important musical document of Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore from Spain. The original demo (with some more songs) was recorded, released in 1985 by the band themselves.