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HHH “A por ellos… que son muchos y estan super cachas!!” LP (black)


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HHH “A por ellos… que son muchos y estan super cachas!! 16.00 EUR / 70zł (black)

(Bcore+Potencial HC) – Co-published by BCore Disc and Hardcore Potential. – Limited edition of 500 copies (200 on translucent red vinyl). – HHH (achronim of Human Bone Flour in Spanish) are considered one of the pioneers of the Spain’s Hardcore/Punk scene, along with Subterranean Kids and Anti-Dogmatikss. – First released in 1990, A por ellos… was the first studio album after the Sin Identidad!!! demo and the Intellectual punks EP, and for many fans it’s also their best work to date. Ultra fast 27 songs, among which Otro Belfast, Al otro lado de las Ramblas or Tiempo, stand out, becoming HHH’s all-time classics. – In A por ellos… HHH’s sound opened up to new influences. Echoes of metal can be heard in songs like Algo huele a podrido (y no es precisamente mi culo), or Dead Kennedys and Chaos UK in ¿Qué ha pasado? – Astonishing artwork by Pablo López (Rumble Records) including lyrics, texts and pictures, and an original drawing by Jose X on the back cover, which fits perfectly with the aggressiveness of HHH’s music. – For fans of Scandinavian D-Beat (Anti Cimex, Rattus or Terveet Kädet)