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HOODS UP “Arms still open” mcd


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HOODS UP “Arms still open” mcd 1,00 EUR / 4 zł
Debut CDEP of this straight edge hardcore band from Hamburg, Germany. Their music is pounding high energy old school / youth crew hardcore influenced by bands like Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, The First Step, In My Eyes, Chain Of Strength or Ten Yard Fight. No doubt, they’re bringing back positive spirit and important issues with their lyrics from vegetarianism to social, personal and scene related ones. 6-song 7″ vinyl version is out now on Commitment Records from Holland. CD version on Refuse contains 5 more songs, 4 of them released on their sold out demotape and unreleased Hands Tied cover. New recordings was done in legendary Bunt Studios by Menno Baker.