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HOUNDS OF HATE “Hate springs eternal” LP


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HOUNDS OF HATE “Hate springs eternal” 60zł / 15,00 EUR
(Assault) Hounds Of Hate is a four piece straightedge hardcore/punk band from Braddock, Pennsylvania who formed in 2010. Hounds Of Hate play a stripped down, no-frills, and venomous style of hardcore/punk. Hounds Of Hate have a strong 80’s Boston vibe going on with their sound that calls to mind bands such as Slapshot, DYS, and The Freeze. Hate Springs Eternal is the band’s second LP, which was released via Braddock Hit Factory. Hounds Of Hate is an absolute must listen for fans of Creem, The Boston Strangler, Prisoner Abuse, and Omegas.