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HUMAN FAULT „Zdevne predurceni“ LP (red/black)


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HUMAN FAULT „Zdevne predurceni“ 11,00 EUR / 45zł (red/black)
(Aback) After years of playing, the band was completely honored to release their first vinyl record, featuring 11 sharp hc/punk shots into the human race with critical lyrics that have something to say especially in this ultra busy time of fucking celebrities and consumerism society, where the main interest are profits of corporations. Musically there is influence of pre-revolutionary, Czechoslovak bands of the 80’s. Years full of melodic guitar tone and choral singing in music. The recording runs as a well oiled machine and is seems to be over in just a snap of the fingers with the sound of Davos studio. The record offers an honest representation of what the band has worked on over many time into the world without any inhibitions. It comes as colored red vinyl with black splatters. 525 pieces made, no limited edition, no creation of false privileges, equality for everyone in and outside punk!