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I SHOT CYRUS “Complete Discography 1997-2001” CD


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I SHOT CYRUS “Complete Discography 1997-2001” 2,00 EUR / 8zł
Great ultra fast hardcore band from Sao Paolo, Brazil with members active since years in such bands as hardcore scene as Point Of No Return, Infect, No Violence, Newspeak and legendary Ratos De Porao! This is absolutely no-bullshit great sounding very fast raging thrashy hardcore with incredible amount of anger, passion and fury directed to all the evils of the world, taking no enemies and no compromises. This is the uncompromising statement that Hardcore is resistance, that can only come from the third world country perspective. Their lyrics are direct furious assault on corporate capitalism, imperial wars, US domination in the third world countries, cops, religion or rapists/women abusers. If you think that Hardcore nowadays is watered down, lacking substance, anger and message, try this. This release contains their recordings since 1997 to 2001, some of them for a first time released and most of them previously released on two split 7″s and compilations between 2000 and 2003 and also two bonus songs taken from “Tiranus” LP/CD on 625 Records from US. 21 songs with SSD coversong. Contains 8-pgs booklet