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INCUDINE „Wrong place wrong time“ LP


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INCUDINE „Wrong place wrong time“ 15.00 EUR / 70zł
(Devarashi+Rebuilding) Incudine was formed in Milano, Italy, in 2012. Founding members were in the legendary 80ies hardcore band Crash Box. Along with bands like Raw Power, Negazione, Indigesti and Wretched, Crash Box was one of the bands that forged the early 80ies european hardcore style. Almost forty years fast forward this LP brings eleven explosive bullets with a modern sound but powerful dark recording, nevertheless aggressive and brutal. Listen to songs like “Shark’s Memory”, “Crawler”, “Holy Parasite” and “Irreversible” at full volume and see your house crash down! This album will soon become one of the masterpieces that will be appreciated by old school lovers and the new hardcore generation the same way. For fans of Bad Brains, Cro-Mags and Underdog.