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INSANITY DEFENSE „Asylum – Complete recordings 1983-85“ LP


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INSANITY DEFENSE „Asylum – Complete recordings 1983-85“ 18.00 EUR / 85zł
(F.O.A.D.) LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK… HARDCORE!! Blazing Hardcore Punk from Centerport, NY smashing the quiet of suburbia with an all out assault! Side one features the full scale thrash attack of their original “ID” demotape (1983), a true unsung classic of early 80’s NY HC, quoting the legendary FLEX! North America book: “an unreleased Hardcore treasure – fast, powerful and super angry, in the vein of the Boston/XClaim/Midwest bands”. On the flipside the darker yet intense & catchy “Pilgrim state” 12″ (1985) – again from FLEX! : “fast, powerful and slightly metallic Hardcore with some interesting harmonies and rhythms; the slower songs show some psychotic Black Flag influences. Original and intelligent music, one of those Hardcore records that fell through the cracks back then and have aged very well”. Including 16 page booklet complete with photos, flyers, lyrics and artwork from the original releases, as well as unreleased material.