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IRON BARS „Iron Bars“ LP


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IRON BARS „Iron Bars“ 14,00 EUR / 55zł
(SPHC) Enter Iron Bars. Three guys from every St Louis band with a mission statement to create a great USHC record of an ilk whose trend has come and gone since the years of No Way Records but whose vitality and appeal is timeless. The 2017 demo shocked system with its perfect storm of influences to create 4 songs of Nine Shocks Terror-esque hardcore. This 2018 LP sees Iron Bars taking a slightly broader influence, the foundation of Nine Shocks Terror remains intact but the arrangements and wild guitar leads recall RKL and the anxious and reckless aggression bring Deep Wound to mind. Add in a prerequisite slow dirge or two, record it with Amos (Tenement) in his Appleton WI studio.