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JAIL “Resurrection” EP


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JAIL “Resurrection” 5,50 EUR / 22zł
(Farewell) Not new to the game JAIL delivers 5 straight up hardcore tracks. FFO Hardcore, Black Friday 29 & Synthesizers. The roots of JAIL date back to a period when HC with a punch and a message was still big in the west of germany. Having experienced the glory days of late 90ies and early 2000 HC most of the members have found several bands before JAIL. JAIL was jamming around and even recorded a demo in 2013 with their multinstrumentalist Branko on the microphone. Due to not finding a steady lineup with a drummer or vocalist who has enough energy, commitment and the same passion for Hardcore, Branko asked Björn (formerly of Black Friday’29/ Get It Done!) if he wants to join. Prerecordings had been sent over, lyrics written and so JAIL hit the studio in spring 2015 to record the 7“ „Resurrection“ for Farewell Records, which will be released in fall 2015. Often Jail gets compared to classic NYHCstyled bands, but also older Ruhrpott bands (such as ZM, BF29, True Blue) or newer bands like Gone to Waste and City2City who both got a feature on „Resurrection“.