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JUDY AND THE JERKS/SHITTY LIFE Split 12”  17.00 EUR / 70zł  ltd. red

(REFUSE) It’s hard to predict where the envious eye of mainstream culture will land next in its ongoing desire to consume all things counter-culture as it seeks to broaden its buyer’s market. It should be no surprise that since its emergence, Hardcore, has now been fully consumed and repackaged in the consumer market as bands begin breaking from their often DIY backgrounds and begin to embrace the ladder-climbing culture of the mainstream. It comes as a continuous relief when you have bands like Judy And The Jerks and Shitty Life who refuse to pander to any pop culture sentiments.

Since their humble beginnings in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Judy And The Jerks have cultivated a unique sound and image that combines all the best elements of hardcore, punk, and youth crew, while abandoning the elements that prove corrosive (specifically that of the pessimistic-machismos). Songs that assault your mind with an explosive energy like an electric shock from a live wire all while supporting a message of personal responsibility, self-improvement, and the ultimate truth: the only way out of this hell is together. This group of go-getters has pushed out numerous releases and toured relentlessly while making a name for themselves on the international punk stage. Along the way they’ve played and toured with countless killer bands, however, this pairing is a standout.

Shitty Life perfectly matches the energy of The Jerks while encapsulating the over stimulation and paranoia of our time. It’s an expertly crafted blend of manic speed, reflecting the world of accelerating duress in which we live, all while finding its groove. This act from Parma, Italy has proven to be masters of their art. The group’s signature “chitarrino” sound stands in stark defiance against the contemporary hardcore landscape. No distortion pedals here, only sharp and piercing tones that demand your attention. They combine the brooding and cynical nature of their lyricism, while simultaneously inspiring hope for the state of modern hardcore punk. After releasing their explosive 2023 album Limits to Growth on 11pm Records and romping around the eastern United States with Judy And The Jerks and other like-minded freaks, these true outsiders have perfected their style.

What else can be said except that they’re two peas in a pod, each side of this split containing certified “Grade A” hardcore punk that reminds the listener, despite this hell on earth, we can still make music that is meaningful, impactful, relatable, and often forgotten, fun and exciting.