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KAAOS „Ei Enää kipua ei tuskaa“ LP


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KAAOS „Ei Enää kipua ei tuskaa“ 18,00 EUR / 80zł
(Sonarize) Here´s another great (re-) release of the finnish Eighties, PunkHardcore legend KAAOS: these 1983 studio recordings were intended as the bands debut album, some of these tracks were later re-recorded for their 1984 “Ristiinnsulittu Kaaos” LP, other tracks from this session were released in 1996 on the “Valtio Tuhoaa Ei Rakenna” 7″. Now you have the original full length record, how it was meant to be, of course fully remastered for maximum ear damage. This here is the version on black vinyl, housed in a heavy LP pocket cover and with info, lyric insert.