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(Cowabunga) This is a 1st for this genre for the label, and probably not the last. So be forewarned this is NOT a hardcore record, but still has its roots and connections to it. Kicking Spit is a band from New Jersey and contains members of the band Seasick (and Mark also is in ANS). However, this band is not hardcore and no trace of it whatsoever is in this band. This is more along the lines of later 80’s SST stuff like Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth or even the Pixies, cross that with bands like fellow statesmen the Ergs or Hunchback and inject some NWOBHM influenced solos in songs and you have Kicking Spit. Its loud and kind of rocking but very PUNK. On the flipside is Stymie of which Andy from ANS fronts. They have a 7” and a single from the Art Of The Underground series already under the belt and now come at you with these 2 new songs (and intro) of great punk. Started off like a Screeching Weasel inspired band and now have developed a sound somewhere between later 90’s/early 2000’s Southern melodic punk and the classic midwest sound not unlike Dillinger Four, Dear Landlord, Brokedowns or Rivethead. This is a superb split, and comes with full color covers and a press of 500.