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KILLBITE/ODIOSOCIAL “Suas torres douradas…” LP


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KILLBITE/ODIOSOCIAL “Suas torres douradas entrarao em colapso” 10,00 EUR / 40zł
(Civilisation+Angry Scenes+Break The Silence+…) Six new smashers from Sao Paulo’s ODIO SOCIAL. Full throttle and energetic brazilian style hardcore punk with socio political lyrics not unlike legendary brasilian bands like OLHO SECO, RATOS DE PORAO, ARMAGEDOM… The flipside has northgermanys new Crust’n’Death Metal hope KILLBITE punching out five tracks of raw and thick crust core with the odd metal bit here and there. THere’s a massive massive influence of swedish crust-metal at work and they end their side with an blistering cover version of RATOS DE PORAO’s “Pobreza”…