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KOHTI TUHOA “Elä totuudesta” EP


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KOHTI TUHOA “Elä totuudesta” 9.00 EUR / 40zł

(La Vida Es Un Mus) Finland’s Kohti Tuhoa return with a brand new 5-track EP! Picking up where they left off with their highly acclaimed 2019 album Ihmisen kasvot, this Helsinki 4-piece bring you another relentless piece of wax full of raw and catchy hardcore punk. Much like Kohti Tuhoa’s previous recordings, Elä totuudesta (Live the truth) EP has a strong classic-Finnish-hardcore feel to it, but it also shows the band breaking with tradition and bringing in more experimental elements in the closing track “Vesi virtaa”. Thematically the EP revolves around personal struggles and gender equality with the powerful vocal work underlining every word, even spotlighting problems within the punk scene. Elä totuudesta was recorded and mixed by the band and mastered by Jack Control (Enormous Door). The sleeve includes another stunning painting by Kohti Tuhoa’s trusted artist Jaakko Karjula.