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KORSAKOFF OY „Purkillinen Kärpäsiä“ LP


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KORSAKOFF OY „Purkillinen Kärpäsiä“ 15.00 EUR / 65zł
(82) Korsakoff Oy from Hyvinkää, Hyvinkää, Finland, jams with their self-released debut full-length “Purkillinen Kärpäsiä”, a punk of the old basement community with a ruthlessly brutal touch.The 11-track full-length has been decently released not only on digital platforms but also on vinyl. Reading the track titles gives you a good idea of what Korsakoff Ltd is all about. “Alko’s Aunt”, “Psilosophy” and “Satan Buys New Clothes” may not necessarily propel the album towards the elite of musical culture, but the band is hardly aiming for it.