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KROMOZOM 4 „Des cons geles“ LP (green)


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KROMOZOM 4 „Des cons geles“ 11,00 EUR / 45zł (green)
(Dirty Punk+Lucha Libre) Pioneers in the game of playing really fast, hard and fun in France, Kromozom 4 comes back 30 years after the split of the band to finish damaging your ears! They were thought dead when they were only frozen. Here they are again with 9 new tracks on the A side of this vinyl. Hardcore fun shakes your ears. On the B side, all the tracks of previous compilations of the 80’s and unreleased tracks from 1985 and 1986 studio sessions… 7 cult tracks. Back in the game of one of the first French hardcore punk bands on a 500 copies green vinyl.