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L’ ODI SOCIAL “Que pagui Pujol” EP


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L’ ODI SOCIAL “Que pagui Pujol” 8.00 EUR / 35zł

(Bcore) Special 35th Anniversary Edition of one of the most important recordings in the history of Spain’s punk. L’Odi Social were pioneers and greatest exponents of the golden age of 80s Barcelona’s hardcore-punk scene, along with bands like Subterranean Kids, Anti/Dogmatikss or GRB. Facsimile reissue that respects for the first time the size and details of the original 1986 edition: single format, epic folding cover (influenced by CRASS albums) and complete artwork.Limited edition of 800. Remastered for vinyl, rpm has been lowered from 45 to 33 to optimize sound quality. 5 aggressive, fleeting and historical songs. For fans of: Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Battalion of Saints, DRI or Negazione.