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LACK OF KNOWLEDGE „The uninvited“ EP (black)


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LACK OF KNOWLEDGE „The uninvited“ 11.00 EUR / 50zł (black)
(No Plan) Formed in 1978 in London, Lack Of Knowledge was a band you could hardly pigeonhole and lump with a certain scene. They shared bills with punk rock bands, anarcho punk bands, post-punk bands,… Their quirkiness might remind you of Wire or Television Personalities perhaps. This is their very first single, the one that got them on Crass records, originally self-released and packed in A4 comic bags. This reissue adds the original B side which was never released on vinyl, but scratched in the early stages for another song. Packed in a tri-fold cover, this is a very limited reissue of 100 copies on clear vinyl, 100 on white and 100 on black, all hand numbered and stamped.