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LAZY CLASS „Interesting times“ LP (white)


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LAZY CLASS „Interesting times“ 13,00 EUR / 52zł (white)
(Contra+Old School) After bunch of EPs, MLP, a split LP with MAX CADY and some compilation songs – these boys weren’t that “lazy” – it’s high time for LAZY CLASS first full length album. “Interesting Times” will be released as a co-production with our polish friends in Oldschool Records. The album contains 14 songs that combines melody and energy, modern sound referenced with some classic touch plus socio-political lyrics with some more personal stuff. If you like the sound of nowadays bands such as GRADE 2, NOI!SE, 45 ADAPTERS or RUDE PRIDE you will love the boys from Warsaw. LAZY CLASS share some band members with the soul-influenced outfit PLEASURE TRAP, and that’s a fact you can’t deny: it’s hard and smart at the same time, more Suedehead than shaven head. Some more names? RED LONDON, THE REDSKINS, ANGELIC UPSTARTS.