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LIVING IN HELL “Portoes” 7″


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LIVING IN HELL “Portoes” 16zł / 4,00 EUR / $6
(Terrotten+Insane Noise+Cianeto) Members of Gritos De Alerta, and Unidos Pelo Odio get together and crank out some hellish metallic hardcore with influences from Doom, Wolfbrigade, and Olho Seco. All heavy hitters, and they do a pretty damn good job of it. The rhythm section brings in the heavy and dark sound and keeps the pace at a pretty quick gait, but never falling into thrash. The guitar dive bombs, screams, and buzzes like a chainsaw. “Não Confio Em Ninguém” has a hectic opening then crashes into a race to oblivion. Then there’s the ripper “Olhos Nos Olhos” that hearkens back to some classic late ‘80s on up to today’s Swedish hardcore heaviness. Four songs and all of them quality. –Matt Average (RAZORCAKE zine)