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LOOSE NUKES „Fast forward to extinction“ LP


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LOOSE NUKES „Fast forward to extinction“ 15.00 EUR / 70zł
(Kangaroo+Cimex+Kibou) LOOSE NUKES were formed in Houston, Texas in 2016 by Mike Grayum and Matt Juarez. The duo had previously played together in punk band CRIME WAVE and in hardcore thrash band JANITOR. The band were initially inspired by the early wave of American punk bands, particularly speed-core bands NEOS and KORO.
The initial line-up of the group consisted of Mike Grayum on lead vocals, Matthew Juarez and bass, Derek Harvey on guitars and David Klotz on drums. This line-up recorded the first demo Fast Forward to Extinction in July 2017 at Digital Warehaus studios, Houston. The group has since released 2 7″ EPs and 1 full length LP. The aforementioned demo is what you get here, albeit with one track dropped, and a few others from the same recording session added – remastered and on vinyl for the first time, and with new artwork. If you enjoy fast, intense, U.S. hardcore, then this is 100% for you.