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LOTUS FUCKER “Forever my fighting spirit” LP


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LOTUS FUCKER “Forever my fighting spirit” 12.00 EUR / 48zł
(SPHC+Katorga Works+RSR) Lotus Fucker is a four piece band from Washington DC/Baltimore Maryland who formed in 2010. Lotus Fucker play a raw, ugly, and visceral style of noise damaged hardcore/punk influenced by bands such as Gauze, Terveet Kadet, Wretched, LipCream, and Confuse. Forever My Fighting Spirit is the band’s debut LP. Overall, these ten songs are ugly, abrasive, and brutal as fuck. Overall, Lotus Fucker is a must listen for fans of Hoax, Aerosols, Pollution, and Grids. Another killer release by Katorga Works / RSR / SPHC, heavy cardboard cover incl OBI.