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MAD PARADE “A thousand words” LP


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MAD PARADE “A thousand words” 20.00 EUR / 90zł

(Puke N Vomit+Gutterwall) The debut full length album by legendary Southern California Punk band Mad Parade is finally back in print. Originally released in 1987 on BYO Records (7 Seconds / Youth Brigade / SNFU). The album has long been out of print. The album is a Southern California Punk classic, Influenced by the original wave of UK and American Punk bands such as 999, Generation X, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, New York Dolls and the Damned, Mad Parade wrote amazing anthemic catchy songs. Blessed with a singer that could really sing, and a band loaded with musicians that could really play and it showed. The album is full of fantastic songs, produced by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys. At the time the polished sound of the albums big guitars and crisp vocals did not go over well with the typical Hardcore punk crowd, but it was a favorite among fans of the original wave of Punk who appreciated the sophistication and quality of the song writing as well as the sound of the album. Years later many of those Hardcore bands would change their sound and attempt to write songs beyond the confines of what was considered Hardcore/Punk but Mad Parade did earlier and better. The new reissue includes enhanced mastering and additional packaging along with a bonus track not found on the original release.