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MERDOSO “In silence” EP


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(Prank) A riff-laden attack of D-beat hardcore from San Francisco’s MERDOSO, this three song debut builds on sturdy, straight ahead rushing guitars and solid drumming. Using the repetitive nature of D-Beat as it’s Strength, Longer, measured doses of the rumbling, sturdy drum attack, scowling vocals and the unrelenting volley of brutally crude guitar riffage give this EP and unique, dark mood. The recording enhances the EP’s enigmatic sound, an echoey quality similar to 80’s European hardcore EP’s but recorded by Jeff Leppard ( VOETSEK, ACEPHALIX) at San Francisco’s Lennon Studios, balances out with the crispness of a modern recording. Features former members of PELIGRO SOCIAL, ACEPHALIX and STORMCROW.