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MIRACLE DRUG „Demo 2015“ EP (orange)


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MIRACLE DRUG „Demo 2015“ 15,00 EUR / 60zł (orange)
(Trip Machine Laboratories) Take equal parts Mouthpiece, By The Grace of God, Supertouch and CR and you have Louisville, KY’s MIRACLE DRUG. While they may get tagged as a hardcore super-group, they sure aren’t a routine revival act. No rehashing of their old bands or old themes.
The sound here is fresh. The message aggressive. The energy is stronger than bands half their age.
MIRACLE DRUG is raw, aggressive but in the same breath melodic and driving. If this was the early 90’s, they could easily fit on a bill at Spanky’s in Riverside, CA with Inside Out, Forced Down, Amenity and Statue. All 7″s come with a digital download.