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MODERNETTES “Eighty / eighty two” LP


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MODERNETTES “Eighty / eighty two” 20.00 EUR / 90zł

(Projectile Platters) Projectile Platters is releasing this must have slice of essential Canadian Punk/Power Pop/ New Wave that no one who has a Punk collection can live with out. The Modernettes were a popular Punk band that formed in Vancouver around 1980. All of the members added vocals to the performances giving them a uniquely poppy and catchy sound. The Projectile Platters reissue compiles both of their long out of print and sought after collectable EPs. 1980s “Teen City” EP features the classics “Suicide Club,” “Little Girls,” “Celebrity Crackup,” and the band’s strongest and probably most popular song, “Barbara.” 1982s “View From The Bottom” features another 5 must have classic KBD style Power Pop/Punk tracks including their cool version of the Velvet Underground classic ” Femme Fatale”. The LP will have the usual Projectile Platters extras a replica fold out poster for “View From The Bottom” and a double sided insert with liner notes.