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MUERTE “Muerte” LP


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MUERTE “Muerte” 12,00 EUR / 48zł
(SPHC+Cintas Pepe+Cabeza De Vaca) The awaited and hotly anticipated vinyl debut of Muerte, yet another flawless execution of “hardcore punk” from the Mexico City crew that brought you Tercer Mundo, Inservibles, Era del Vacio, Cintas Pepe Records, etc. Flawless hardcore punk with the finely crafted songs and informed, immediate style that these bands are known for, but with some goth/anarcho-punk/New Model Army undertone that makes this record more dynamic, moody, and dark than the average hardcore record. Slower tempos with bursts of speed that builds and releases all the tension this shitty world builds inside of you. The soundtrack to your despair and rage. Real punk music.