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“MYSHA FANZINE ANTOLOGIA 1991-1994” Book 10.00 EUR / 40zł (in Polish)
Mysha fanzine was created by Anna Lubińska and Adam Szulc (from Cymeon X) in Poznań and it was one of the most important hardcore punk zines in Poland in the early 90’s. It was the main publication promoting straight edge of this period in the local scene However it wasn’t limited to drugXfree hardcore bands only. It was a part of wider spectrum of radical DIY hardcore punk scene that exploded in Poland right after the transformation of the system. Five issues were published between 1991-1994 w/ columns, scene reports, reviews and interviews/articles on bands: THE CAUSE, NO FRAUD, HOW MUCH LONGER?, INDEPENDENT NOISE DISORDER, SHELTER, BORN AGAINST, CYMEON X, INSTED, RISE ABOVE, AGUIRE, INHELL, HOMOMILITIA, EMBITTERED, CYCO PERSONALITY, NOWA DROGA, UPSIDE DOWN, HOODED MAN, SHORT SIGHT, MANLIFTINGBANNER, THINK TWICE.