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NAIFA “Naifa” LP


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NAIFA “Naifa” 40zł / 10,00 EUR / $14
(Faca Cega Discos) I’m fighting through a bit of writer’s block today and having trouble coming with any sort of clever prose in reviewing this album but I’ll press on because it’s a winner. Naifa are a Brazilian band playing tuneful punk inspired by (though not entirely) classic 80s-era west coast fodder.  Plenty of drive and chops from all three musicians, with the guitarist, Arthur, handling the vocals as well. They complement each other perfectly. It’s tough to miss the burn and hooks on songs like “Nada,” with the jabbing, angular guitar underpinned by a bass line that pushes the melody along and that’s also the case for “Pau No Cu and “Colisao.” All of this is reinforced with impassioned vocals and it adds up to a strong, power-packed collection. As Arthur yells at the end of side one, all right! (Al Quint, Suburban Voice)