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NO SUGAR „Wasting time with rock‘n‘roll“ CS


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NO SUGAR „Wasting time with rock‘n‘roll“ 5,00 EUR / 24zł
(Sabotage) From the ashes and hiatus of some of northern Germanys’ usual suspects in the diy-punk
stomping grounds, such as Stumbling Pins, No Weather Talks and Plastic Propaganda, this
brandnew quartet from Kiel / Leipzig is all about having fun with no more than three chords,
glitter, eyeliner and the everlasting promises of Rock’nRoll. Taking influences from the ditches
of the last 5 decades of pop- (and punk-!) culture and predecessors as diverse as The Sonics,
Thee Headcoatees or Interpol – No Sugar is determined to bring some partytimes to your local
squat, bar, club or livingroom soon, equipped with their 4-song EP ‘Wasting Time with