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NOX „You‘re alone but that‘s OK“ LP


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NOX „You‘re alone but that‘s OK“ 12,00 EUR / 48zł
(Twisted Chords) NØX are Moritz and Helen from Hysterese with Martin and Butz from Eat // Read // Sleep. NØX are not simple to catch: Latex-Punk? Wave? Misfits? Death Punk? Turbonegro? Dark and at the same time melodic and hymnic-catchy. No drawer wants to fit, even if the love for the 1980s wave-punk bands, their style, the atmospheric-gloomy cold and desperate feeling is obvious.Somehow retro without playing the current retro 80s trend. Straight drumming meets unusual guitar work, synth bass and great vocals.
“Youre alone but thats ok” comes as lp in 350g cover with lyricsheet and downloadcode