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OBSESSIONS “Obsessions” EP


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OBSESSIONS “Obsessions” 25zł / 7,00 EUR
(Antena Krzyku) This is a really surprisingly good EP from the Polish band Obsessions. This is a side project of the three musicians connected with other Polish acts The Black Tapes. They claim they play punk rock, but in my humble opinion this is just a straightforward rock. It is uptempo and loud, definitely influenced by punk, but lacking punkish aggressiveness. Anyhow, they are good. They know how to play, the songs are well recorded, riffs are great, vocal lines are catchy, the singer’s singing manner is adequately slovenly. No genre bending here – pure rock at its best. So keep rocking, boys – it is nice to hear such classic approach for a change. (Trigger Inside). Limited to 250 copies.