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OFFENDERS “Endless struggle” LP


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OFFENDERS “Endless struggle” 15,00 EUR / 60zł
(Kangaroo) Smoking with heated aggression that raises the fahrenheit, is The Offenders’ incredible Endless Struggle album. This platter is third degree burns, it’s a speed venture with a no holds barred power approach that rips the melting flesh. At first listen, comparisons go towards MDC or Suicidal Tendencies, but The Offenders shine through punch after punch, delivering a hearty ensemble of goods and pure energy. A well-recorded effort that should bring them to the threshold. This captures all the right moves. Blasting vocals bellows, rapid, grinding guitar work, throbbing bass jams and quick plunges make it all come together as the vinyl spins and the music flies into the atmosphere at a furious rate. Potentially a release to please with 13 high adrenalin tracks, AAAHHH, The Offenders at their finest.