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PATHETIC HUMAN “Public disgrace” EP


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PATHETIC HUMAN “Public disgrace” 5,00 EUR / 20zł
(Helta Skelta) After releasing some of Australia’s best hardcore, including a split with SUFFER, a S/T 7″ and a string of cassettes this is PATHETIC HUMAN’S, third and final vinyl output. Recorded back in 2009 but unreleased until now. This slab of strange power violence sees them taking their approach one step further. Still loose and heavily indebted to anti-social sounds and substance, but with a heavier take and a more eratic mood. In sound this is heavier than their previous releases but just as claustrophobic and stifling. An ugly assault. A great send off to this now defunct band. Fortunately members moved onto CHROME DOME, ZINGERS, VELVET WHIP, HEADLESS DEATH, RIP FUCKER, DEBACLE, HAVITTAJAT and various more.