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PEDIGREE “Run away” LP


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PEDIGREE “Run away” 15.00 EUR / 65zł

(Don’t Trust The Hype+Emergence+Crapoulet+…) After their excellent 2020 mini-LP, Pedigree from Tournai, Belgium, release another batch of extremely powerful songs that continue the trend of the last record, moving away from the originally very garagey sound towards a more post-punk aesthetic, although there are now also traces of ’90s postcore in songs like Trapped, S.A.D. and Bread, which bring to mind classics by Jawbox, Drive Like Jehu, Polvo or Hot Snakes, among others. Disgraced, on the other hand, have a flair for melody under the bonnet that wouldn’t go unnoticed in the repertoire of Vaguess, Bad Sports or Motorbike, for example. My earlier comparison to French bands like Telecult or Nightwatchers is still halfway true, as are a bunch of international acts like Sauna Youth, Teenanger, Video, or Clamm.