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PESADEZ „Fenomenologia Del Espiritu Agonico…” LP


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PESADEZ „Fenomenologia Del Espiritu Agonico: De La Existencia Sordida Al Pendulo De La Nada“ 18.00 EUR / 85zł
(SPHC) Pesadez from Costa Rica has been playing raw d-beat since 2019. But on their first album, they pivot into a more “blackened” direction. The songs are still relentless d-beat destruction, complete with the ramshackle looseness and tireless brutality I often want in this sort of d-beat, but with the shrill noise guitar, divebombing chaos guitar solos, and venomous effected vocals, there’s a distinct black metal edge that sets them apart from their more obvious peers. We all dig Sarcafago and Shitlickers in equal measure, right? Dig into one of the best newer bands of Central American punk, just make sure your walls are reinforced so you can’t bang your head straight through them.