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PETTYBONE “From desperate times comes radical minds” LP ltd.


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PETTYBONE “From desperate times comes radical minds” 40zł / 10,00 EUR ltd. clear
(Emancypunx) Pettybone were drawn together through the individual struggles they had encountered in their lives and the desire to speak up about their experiences. Their music is “the sound of the revolt”; raw, angry anddeeply emotional, taking you sonically on a journey of self-empowerment. Put more simply by the band : “what once was powerless becomes powerful and the catalyst for this change is Pettybone”. Pettybone started out in the beginning of 2010 at a squat in North London. Their amalgamation of diverse music influences from DC punk/hardcore, Portland crust, 90’s alternative rock/noise bands to original blues artists has created something fresh and unclassifiable, helping to break down the misconceptions people have placed on female artists. Members of Pettybone gained their experience in bands like HELLO BASTARDS, HONOUR AMONG THIEVES or HANG THE BASTARD. Pettybone?s powerful debut album was recorded by Sam Thredder at Cro’s Nest and mixed by Kurt Ballou at Godcity studios.