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PIG CHILDREN „The torment continues… 1983-1986“ LP+CD


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PIG CHILDREN „The torment continues… 1983-1986“ LP+CD 18.00 EUR / 85zł
(F.O.A.D.) Ripping fast anger-driven Hardcore from Orange County, California! Complete discography collecting their classic “Blood for the state” 12″ (1985), 10 song demo 1983 plus a bonus CD with a killer soundboard live set captured at Long Beach’s notorious Fenders Ballroom (those familiar with our previous works will notice other FOAD anthologies featuring stuff recorded there… Cryptic Slaughter and FCDN Tormentor just to mention some). 31 tracks of what the band describes as “Loud, aggressive music with an anti-system and fuck you attitude!“. To highlight the importance of this release, you’ll find included a stunning 20 page full colored booklet in full F.O.A.D. tradition – loaded with incredible photos, rare flyers and an extensive history of the Pig Children Tribe… A hidden gem in the annals of the So. Cal Punk scene!!