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PIG DNA “Mob shity” LP


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PIG DNA “Mob shity” 15,00 EUR / 60zł
(La Vida Es Un Mus) For the last three years PIG DNA have been unleashing tape after tape of cacophonous noise reaching their peak with their debut “Control You Fucker #3” EP released last year on Nightrider record. Heavy rooted in hardcore punk but with an eye firmly set on harsh noise their output has been kept mysterious and somehow scarce. Their ability to confuse has reached new heights with this new mini album which sees the band re-located yet again between Portland, Philadelphia and Oakland but still comprised of Shit Zoo, Chelsea, THC and Leatherfist. Their sonic attack is uncompromising and un-doubtly extreme, conceptually trying to understand DISCHARGE. When some people see noise for noise sake they see art and so do we. Mob Shity is a collection of nine new tracks which go from repetitive noise punk blast to industrial passages. Influenced equally by ZOUO, GAI or singles era SPK. Not for the faint of ear or for melody lovers Mob Shity is an statement against modern punk music. Which side of the fence are you? The record comes housed in a heavy weight sleeve including a 11x11inch insert and sticker. All carefully put together by the band as a collective effort.