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PLASTICS „Plastic world“ EP (blue)


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PLASTICS „Plastic world“ 6,00 EUR / 25zł
(Crew Cuts) First time on vinyl. Originally self released by the band on cassette back in February.
‘2020 may have given the punk and hardcore scene a real good kicking with the shitty double dose of Covid-19 and Brexit but don’t worry, Brighton’s Plastics are here with an anti-bullshit cure-all for ya. The Plastic World EP delivers six furious shotgun blasts of hardcore punk intensity right in the face of the New Normal. They’ve drawn deep from the best parts of trad UK anarcho-punk and injected it with a whole bunch of menace and mystery distinctly grounded in the new era. These are some fresh and nasty tunes – “Blue Mould” gives us TWO of 2020’s best breakdowns in just ONE SONG. Played to perfection by Plastics, Mastered by punk-wizard-a-la-mode Will Killingsworth (Warthog, BIB, Magrudergrind) and revealed to you for the first time on wax by your pals at Crew Cuts Records. If this new reality has got you despairing for the future, find some solace in the intense hardcore offerings of Plastics. Dig it, because you’re worth it.’ – Hamish. Limited to 250 copies.