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POU “Dimonis” LP


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POU “Dimonis” 12,00 EUR / 48zl
(Metadona) “We usually think hardcore is something like an urgent variety of punk, but we tend to forget that it can also be slow, muddy and incredibly dense. It is needless to say that some of the most memorable moments of the genre are to be found in it’s slower songs. For that matter, POU present themselves with a dirty, intense and slowed down hardcore record.

Expect almost hipnotic repetitive jams and desperate and echoing vocals howled by a kind of lowlife majorcan Baudelaire. He sings about his own paranoia, his personal demons and other wierd subjects enjoyed by the haunted minds. They remind me of a rock-free version of White Boss. Also to Rudimentary Penny’s Archaic times. Yet, forget about the beauty and the powerness of the sound on those records.

This is primal and sharpened. It sound raw, dry and distorted, drawing comparisons with Orden Mundial. No wonder that two of POU’s members are also in O.M. I honestly pity the poor soul who recorded this, i’m sure he went out of his mind. He must have expected the result to be sturdy and heavy metal but instead had the band trying to convice him to mess everything up.

In a moment where most punk sounds generic, more like a copy-like joke, POU is a breath of fresh air and creativity for our ringing ears. If you’re tired of hardcore being infested with post-punk, chorus and the all-present english-speaking punk dominance, POU is exactly what you are looking for.

The layout was done by Bernat, which fits perfectly well with the content of the album.”

_Dani Frutos.