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PREGNANCY SCARES “Pregnancy Scares” EP


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(Deranged) Pregnancy Scares is a band from Ottawa, Canada who formed in 2011. Pregnancy Scares play a great style of messy, discordant, and off kilter hardcore/punk influenced by bands such as Born Against and Circus Lupus. After a self titled demo released in 2011, Pregnancy Scares is set to grab the attention of many people with the release of their debut self titled six song 7″ via deranged records. On their latest 7″, Pregnancy Scares bulldoze through six songs in a little over 8 minutes. Pregnancy Scares play at whiplash inducing speeds, making for a chaotic, off kilter, and venomous listen. Overall, Pregancy Scares have absolutely nailed it on this 7″ and the band is a definite must listen for fans of Hoax, Stripmines, and Scapegoat.