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PROTEIN “The things I cannot hide” EP (black)


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PROTEIN “The things I cannot hide” 7”EP 6,00 EUR / 25zł (black)
Following the release of their debut “Alive” 7”, Protein didn’t just sit and wait for things to happen. Instead, they packed their EP, tapes, and some merch and traveled to the north, east and west of Europe. In the meantime, they appeared on the “Youth Crew 2018″ compilation 7”. Meeting enthusiastic feedback for both their 7” and their live shows, in a short time Protein became one of the more recognizable SExHC bands coming from Eastern/Central Europe. The demand for the next dose of nutritional protein has definitely increased! These six new songs, available on the new seven-inch release, send a clear message that Protein is a talented, smart and energetic band, ready to show their skills to the world beyond their local scene.
Everything here sounds fresh, vital and authentic. Lyrically they advocate keeping our heads up while dealing with darker times and they focus on us looking carefully at one other.
These tracks were recorded in Czerpak and Waiting Room Studios, with mixing and mastering done by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Cover by Wojciech Herman.