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PROTEIN „Alive“ EP (1st press, black)


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PROTEIN „Alive“ 7,00 EUR / 30zl (black)
(REFUSE) In the mid-1980’s, Krakow was the first city in Poland where the term “straight edge” appeared. This was thanks to bands like ID and U.O.M. In that stinking and drunken reality it was a revolutionary breakthrough in culture. And although the guys from PROTEIN were not even in the world at that time, it´s they who are now the movers and shakers of straight edge and HC in the city. They do bands, zines, run Youth2Youth Records and they book plenty of shows. They are an incredible example.
While listening to this new material from these talented youths, you can hear that lessons from US and European SEHC over the past 30 years have been solidly learned. They mention that True Colors is at the forefront for them in Europe. They miss Floorpunch and we hear inspiration from Turning Point’s releases. This is certainly one of the strongest debuts of PLHC recently! Mastering by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, cover by Maciek Wolanski.